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Friday Introduction

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Welcome to Friday!
Also known as introduction Day.

Miss Elizabeth Diaz

Miss. Elizabeth
Columbia is her place of  occupancy.
She is 26, and single (for the men ;) ha!)
A few facts about her...
    She came late, 2 maybe 3 weeks late, and came with
no english whatsoever. Luckily one of her friends from 
Columbia is one of our staff so he can translate for her. 
Despite the fact that she is not an english speaker, she still
seems to communicate. Her personality is amazing, and
she tries so hard to speak english. I'm amazed with her.
     She has never seen snow, this is her first time here in these
photos!! She loved it!!

Mr. Paul Tilbury

Paul resides in the Uk, Cornwall to be exact!
He runs his own business, designing websites!
So this week, appropriately enough he taught 
us Fireworks and Dreamweaver.
Both of which are website building programs.
He is married, and has a daughter Abigal who is 4!
Shes so so so cute, and that accent!! She told me, 
" my dad is teaching the people how to use the computers
properly." oh man, I couldn't help but chuckle to myself,hearing
how a 4 year old said properly! 

Paul really has the gift for teaching, and has taught us all
so much. He was involved with YWAM earlier, and has 
done a SDC himself. He usually teaches on Photoshop or
In Design but this year he decided to change to Dreamweaver.

P.S. He uses... dun dun dun... WINDOWS! (and the crowd boo's) just kidding paul!


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