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A new computer....or a new hard drive..

Pin It I am glad to inform you that I'm writing from MY OWN computer today. My staff member and I went to a town maybe 20 minutes away and walked into the mac store, spoke a bit of broken french and retrieved my mac back. It was a sign of relief when he gave me no bill. Thank you Apple care! 
   We proceeded to enter a cafe and order a coffee, and a hot chocolate! we also indulged in a croissant. MM MMM GOOD. I love switzerland, yeah its more expensive but who cares right?  

  And another day. That was written yest
erday, and today is Friday. Friday 12.23 and the project is due at 12.30. I am done with looking at the surface product, and the microsoft design. My team and I finished right in the nick of time, and I'm not to sure of the design. I am ready for some food and a nap. 

  I've really decided that I despise Thursdays and Friday mornings. The rush and stress of it all....

   Other then that, life is going well. We have a book report due on Monday, so reading and writing will be had this weekend!! A picnic might also be a possibility in the swiss hills next to the cows; depending on the weather. Its been rather rainy and cold this week. 

   One last thing. 

     We had our intercession time this morning, and we were shown a charity called "charity-water". It raises money for new wells for the people in Africa. They have drilled more then 500 wells for the people, and with that brought fresh water and health, and hope. I've decided since I can't actually go there and help them, then I could make people aware. I've made it my goal to tell 5 people, and hopefully they will tell 5. If we keep going on like that and make people just AWARE of what is going on then we CAN change the world. So I ask that you can take 5 minutes out of you
r day, check out charity water, or invisible children, or any other humanity charity get familiar with it, and tell 5 people about it. If we are passionate about it, then other
s will want to follow. Take a step...


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