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Joseph Mayers & Ismael

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Joseph Mayers.
18 years of age.
Scottland is his home, but at the moment he resides in Spain.
Hes the youngest in our class, and unfortunately 
will only be here for 3 weeks more.
Hes taking this course as a seminar student.
Joseph has yet to give me a random fact about his self, so
I'll just write a bit about him. He drinks instant coffee. I'm
not to sure how its disgusting. He wears his pajama pants to class. As a work duty he works in the garden, picking weeds. He also enjoys disagreeing with everything you say, then he realizes that he agrees with it, and changes his mind. 
    So there you have it. the first student introduction... 

I've also realized that we only have 10 more weeks of school, which isn't nearly enough for all the people I would like to introduce you to. So I may have to some days do two people. This week that in fact will happen.

    Introduction to our guest speaker.

He is 31 years old.
He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.
He is a french speaker.
He owns his own design business.. 
  and is quite brilliant at it.
Ismael taught us photoshop for three days, and did quite
well. We had to have a translator, which potentially could be 
difficult, but he did a wonderful job.
OH! A little random fact, he has watched the star wars trilogy (the old one)over 200 times.


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you're a freaking good photographer woman.

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