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Eggnog you might ask?
well, today Becky and I were talking about the joys 
of christmas, and what comes along with the joys 
of christmas. Eggnog seemed to be on the list. i
shared my deep hatred for eggnog, and the smell,
and the thickness. she then suggested the idea of making 
a blog post that was called eggnog. 
so becky this is for you!

So for those of you who don't know Becky Frith, 
WeeNo photography is introducing you to the wonders
and talents of. She is staffing here at the base, and is 
a very talented singer songwriter. We had a brilliant 
time taking photos, and exploring the wonders and 
people of Burtingy. We had an interesting run in with
a local. We thought she might hide and kill us in her 
little masion. Anyways, this shoot was by far a brilliant one.
thanks for being so bloody awesome Becky...


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