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The REAL Friday Introduction

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I got it to work! My hard drive is still working, thank you Jesus. Cliff lent me
his power thingy. so heres our Friday introduction!


lets see. she is from one of my favorite places on earth.
New Zealand, grew up on the south island, and now her family
is in or near Auckland (north island). she has been in europe for
some time now. She staffed a dts on the sail boat for marine reach
in the uk. That is where she found herself a man. of course.
ywam.. always bringing the males and females together.
She will be getting married to Itian (thats how it sounds,
i'm sure its not how its spelled, but I never claimed to know
how to spell..) in April in NZ.
She came here 3 months ago, to Burtigny, to take the school of 
design, but that got cancelled so she did an internship instead.
Remaliah, 26 by the way, is an amazing designer. She makes sure
its perfect, unlike me, and is determined.

p.s. she was my former roommate, before we had to move.. suck


Kirsten.. NOT KRISTEN!
she is from germany.
she has been living in the phillipines for  the last maybe 
one and half years. she staffed a sdc there as well.
she shares in with me the love of typeface, and now we 
often have conversations about it and bond over it.
oh did i tell you.. shes staff. hum humm. and a good one at that.

So there you have the friday introductions. i almost made the friday deadline.
its 12.18 here, so maybe fore in california you can still consider it friday..

tomorrow i am shooting remaliah and her fiance! I'm super super
excited about it. I have been looking at new photographers these past 
few days and have been amazed at the work that some people produce, so
I am feeling quite inspired!! besides that i plan to sleep!

so have a good weekend, we'll see you Sunday for the Sunday show!


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