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Pin It Its Friday.
I'm tired, and I'm tired.
I am overworked, and ready for a full day of sleep tomorrow!
I don't think I'll make the Friday introductions on time this week.
I had to much to do, working till 4. in the morning is not as fun 
as it once was.  especially the next day.

This week we were making websites, it was our web project week.
we had 3 groups, all of which had real websites. My team, made up of
Zhenya (you have yet to meet him.. hes russian) Viola (the wonderful
friend, roommate, and sunday show co-host) and Seth (one of three
Nigerian boys) were given the project of making a 20 page website for
YWAM Davao! It was a job, and well, its still not finished.  We will
hopefully have it up by Monday! We'll see. But for now, I dont want to
talk about the hours and hours of time we sat designing and making it.

I hope your Friday was great, and maybe your looking forward to Saturday
just as much as I am. Have a good weekend!!


- Chelsa - said...

looking forward to the sunday show Viola and Ash!

jonathan edmund said...

cool stuff. i miss you! i may be starting a web design business in a few years, wanna work for me?

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