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Happy Thanksgiving.

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Its thanksgiving today.. in the states.
There is the Macy's day parade,
and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and 
amazing smells, and beautiful trees?
no turkey for me, but for the rest of the non-veggies
out there there will be, and perhaps even some gravy to
smother your turkey in as well.

But for us in Switzerland its just another day.
I woke up and didn't even realize it was thanksgiving
until just a few hours ago, when a foreigner told me
it was thanksgiving, or maybe facebook told me.
Life goes one, and we have another project.
We are doing a film editing program this week, final cut.
Its been a good week, a kiwi who has lived in Germany for the last
29 years is teaching, and doing a good job at it. Our projects
that we are doing today is recreating a scene from a movie.
so i will brave the cold, and go shoot with
live video, not still. weird.

For my thanksgiving lunch I had veggie thai green curry
with rice. it was good. I was thankful. I will work tonight 
and maybe call home just to hear the rumble and roar of
the homestead. It will make me miss home and the kiddo's
and the stuff i'm missing, but soon I will be home! I bought my plane 
ticket home! I return to California the 7th of January with
the boy of my dreams. mr kellen. It felt so weird buying a ticket
home. For the last three months I wasn't sure what I was doing.
But now its settled, I'll go home, and see my family who I'm really
excited to see, and share my 23rd birthday with!! I'm excited.

So happy thanksgiving.


jonathan edmund said...

happy thanksgiving love! we miss you in the states...i know you don't eat turkey - i was going to say "I'll eat extra turkey for you.." how about this: "i'll eat extra pumpkin pie for you!"

Anonymous said...

i miss you. i wish you were here for thanksgiving. i miss you so so so much. i got your text!!! oh it made me so happy!!! how did you do that?!! we need to talk. seriously seriously. i love you.

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