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United States... Congo.. and Zimbabwe

Pin It November 4th

    United States:   Today, the United States picks its president. Obama or McCain. It seems to be all over the papers even here in Switzerland. I don't think I realized how much the world actually depends on who the US president is. I won't state my political views on here, I know where I stand, and thats what matters. I've read the stats and it seems as though Obama is in favor. The change to a democrat in office may or may not be a good thing. Depends on how you look at it. Its a big day for the US. I just ask that whoever it may be, McCain or Obama they will better our economy, and our future. I'll watch from my computer here in Switzerland who my next president will be, who will lead our country for the next 4 years and wonder if it really will make a difference.

    Congo:  I looked at my local newspaper website, it of course had the headlines for the presidency, and an obvious sway towards the right side. I then clicked on "world news" and this Congo epidemic wasn't even listed, I had to keep searching until finally I found a little article on it. I then realized why when I'm home, and not surrounded by international people, I don't hear whats going on in the world. What the real issues are. In the Congo there are people dying of starvation. The rebels are taking over, and its a horrible epidemic.  

This conflict is fueled by hatred from the Rwanda 1994 genocide. That was more then 10 years ago! The Congo government feels as if Rwanda had taken their resources, and Rwanda claims that Congo has a corrupt government. This is why people are dying, this is why children are being buried at the age of two. Its gone on long enough. How much do you know about this? 

Zimbabwe: Did you know that if you were living in Zimbabwe you could be a billionaire and still starve? There is no food in the grocery store, and the inflation is the highest in the world. People stand outside butcheries and beg to get in to get a sliver of protein to feed their starving bodies, but the steel bars in front of the stores keep them out. People are walking around with their millions of dollars and are still burying their children due to starvation. The graveyards are like a minefield. There are new burial sites everyday. The government is a corrupt one, and the people of Zimbabwe are led by dictators. 

Today in YWAM Burtigny, we decided to have a starving day. We took the money that we would for our food today, and gave it to the YWAMers in Zimbabwe. A contact in South Africa will buy food for them, and bring it to them in Zimbabwe. We prayed for them today, and cried out to God. I thought to myself, how lucky I am to have food. How I take for granted going to the grocery store and the having the shelves be stocked. 

    In the western world, we assume everyone is like us. We don't want to accept that their our kids dying, and that their is not enough food. We live in denial. We see the commercials with the flies in the eyes of the little african kids. Does it touch us anymore? Do we just switch the channel? Do we feel uncomfortable? 

   Today, we took stand. We are going hungry for one day. With each stomach growl, our hearts are being turned, and our eyes are being shown.  Please, if you read this, think about what you have. I will to. I'm sorry for ever having taken for granted anything, and everything. So today, when you read this, think about the computer your on, and maybe the drink, or food you just had, or will have. Be thankful, and maybe say a little prayer for those who don't have anything.


jonathan edmund said...

Awesome..I really respect your starvation day. I also really respect you keeping your political views to yourself -- I do the same. I voted today but I'm just trusting that the Lord will be in control of whatever happens.

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