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Sunday Show & Comments

Pin It Hello all,
    Its Monday evening for me, and the Sunday show is still not up. We did film it last night, and tried to upload it. I think it may be a little to big, and so its not uploading. We will try again tonight, and so check the blog again tomorrow. Maybe this is just a ploy for me to get you to check my blog on a continuous basis. (right english? I don't know. don't hang out with english as second language people if you want to keep good english)

   Number Two: I just now found out that you are not able to leave comments if you aren't able to log into blogspot. I didn't understand that, until just now Viola showed me the wonderful world of settings, comments and anyone can comment. So now, even if you don't have a blog spot you can and can comment away on the pages. (tracey.. this ones for you!)

  Number TROIS: our website.. its done. finally. i'm over it. it was good to do. and i'm happy its over. but you can check it out.. I think after the 5th time of uploading it its little quarks are all gone.. I HOPE...  so check it out.. 


jonathan edmund said...

nice site! i like it a lot!

kirsten said...

juchuuu! i can leave a comment!!! finally :)

i love your blog, your pictures... it is fun hanging out with you.... and i love the work you did the last week for the philippines!!!
.... you are such an amazing woman!!!!

i am happy to know you :)

your ex-client, staff and friend ;)

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