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Friday Introduction..

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So I missed last week. Sorry. It could have qualified as my most stressful
week so far! It was brutal. But this week, this week was quite the opposite!
I want to introduce you to our guest speaker of the week, Philipp Bohlen!!
He introduced us to the amazing program of After Effects.
It was a intimidating program, but he made it quite usable and we
all did super jobs!

Philipp is from the German part of Switzerland. He is an art director
and designer. He also does some photography on the side! Hes quite
brilliant at what he does. I was astonished at the things he produced.
I throughly enjoyed having him her. He taught me alot, and we talked
photography, and just had fun! So thank you Philipp for joining the SDC
for another week of craziness!!   ONLY 4 WEEKS LEFT!!!


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