Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

26 hours later.

Pin It Im in a bed. I got to sleep horizontal last night.
I thought for some hours that I wasn't ever going to make 
it to Milwaukee, but then I did... even though my bags didn't.
still need to check that.

anyways, so the flights, and the waiting, and the traveling.
it was all relatively okay. In Heathrow, it said I missed my flight,
so I RAN. I RAN through Heathrow, and I got it. I sat next to a girl
who was living in Oxford, and was so cool. We talked alot, more then 
I have ever talked with someone before on a flight. and meaningful

Heathrow to Philly.

Philly to Chicago.
So heres the thing. There is apparently alot of snow here,
and so they decided  to delay my flight to Chicago... So I ran
around the freakin' philly airport to maybe grab a flight that was
direct to Milwaukee, but no luck. So I went back, and talked to the 
people, and told them that I wouldn't be able to make it to my flight
since this flight was late. They had no sympathy, and told me that I
should take this flight to Chicago, and just chance it. So I did.. It was like
2 1/2 hours late, and I get out, and there is the terminal for the Milwaukee
flight, which PRAISE JESUS has been delayed a couple hours too.
The predicament...
I wasn't checked in through to Milwaukee. So they told me  I would
have to go get my bag, and then go through all the check through again.
well, I didn't have time for that, and I wanted to come home today! 
So, after almost 24 hours of traveling, and feeling pretty confident in my
rights as a passenger, I demanded that they give me my boarding pass, and let 
me on this flight. I was very stern... and it worked.

I got my ticket, I got on the plane, that took only a 15 minute airtime to get
to milwaukee, and came to "home". It took forever though, I arrived in Milwaukee 
at like 12.30 or 1, and was exhasted. but! I got to see Kellen! Its so good to be
back with him, and his house is all decorated, from the little I saw last night,
and there is snow.. Snow for christmas! insane.

So i'm going to take life off for two days. Sleep, chill, sleep some more.
if i don't leave the basement for 2 days, i will be okay with that!

So, that was my adventure home. hope you enjoyed it!

and.. i already miss all your burtigny people.. i love you all!


Best Ella Dresse said...

Hey friend & best roomie ever!
Wow, that sounds like an adventure, I'm so glad (almost) everything worked out!
Just wanted to say that I miss you!
I'll write you an E-Mail soon, after I fed the Korean hehe
Lots of love!!

kirsten said...

i miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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