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friday..... er uhh.. Sunday Introduction

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The Shulgin Family..

Zhenya, Heather, and Ryan Shulgin
Zhenya- Russia
Heather- California
Ryan - well...
Zhenya is a student in our class,
and the only married student.
That makes for an interesting school.
He brought with him his wife, who is AMAZING!
look at those eyes. I can't handle it. She gorgeous!
and their adorable little boy Ryan.
Who goes between russian and english.
I'm always throughly astonished and amazed
at his comprehension of both languages... or just
in language in all.

I'm also quite amazed at Heathers willingness to hang
out around the base, while Zhenya works his butt off
during the school. I also respect her because she lives
in cold COLD COLD Russia, and has learned Russian but is 
from California. WOW! Impressive.

Zhenya. He is.. what can I say about this Russian.
He hates the obvious.
He loves funny.
He was once in a comedian group. stand up i believe.
He makes boy band videos.
He loves movies, and is quite good at making them.

This family, they are amazing. I'm so happy
to have had the opportunity to live with them
in the great country of Switzerland....

Introducing you to 
Mr. Cliff Michael Cordes

Cliff. Clifford. Cliffords.
he has many names.
New Jersey.
photography designer.
no not creepy at all.

okay, seriously.
cliff, he did the school of photography this year.
which means that i staffed his school.
so its amazing to be here with him,
and him as my staff.
its working out quite well.

cliff, could be the funniest person i know.
i can't explain him,
or the way he acts.
i could sit and watch him all day.
that sounds creepy, but if you know him
you know what i mean.

cliff is amazing.
and these photos... i just have to laugh about them


kirsten said...

amazing! i love all of these pictures... especially the ones of cliff... hehehe... i am so happy that he cut his oliba (oberlippenbart) :)

you have such a wonderful gifting ash... :)

Best Ella Dresse said...

Oh man. Whenever I'm sad I will be looking at these pictures. They will definitely make my day!
Good night, roomie! Have fun working & listening to Christmas music!

Best Ella Dresse said...

can i please say that you wrote in horrible english in this post haha but i still love you!

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