Hello. We are Ash & Kellen. We are WeeNo Photography.

Christmas and the year of 2008

Pin It There was alot I was meaning to put on here.
Photos, things I achieved this year....
but I've got nothing.
I arrived to the states, and quit life for a few days..
a week or so. Its Tuesday, and I'm finally getting back
into the swing of life, and work.
I woke up this morning, and had a cup of coffee,
and overlooking the outside view of whiteness, I realized
all the work that I have been avoiding, and how much work
I really do have.

WeeNo Photography.
I plan to start actually making some money.
I hope.
I pray. 
God? please?
So, in order to do that,
I need to get my horrible website down,
make a new website.
That includes.. deciding if it should be
HTML or Flash.
Then, after that hard question,
which photos.
its a long hard grueling process,
but I plan to have it all done up and going by
the end of January.
I need a decent website, and right now.. 
its just horrid. 
Then, in the midst of that, I  plan to make new 
business cards.
which, well, is a whole other process.
what kind of paper, what kind of print.
oh man. 
the joys of knowing about design now.
now i have to do things good, because i know what good is.
before I could just blame it on the fact that I didn't know any better.

So 2009 shall bring some new things for me, and my life.
I also will buy a new camera, and some new gear. 
My camera will go to the boy, who is going to be my second shooter.
He is starting to learn "real" photography. All the terms and what now, now!
So thats exciting. All in one month, I'll get a new camera, a second shooter,
and maybe a new website! 

There will also be some travel, which just means more planes.
I would be okay with not being in airport for awhile though, a few months..
we'll see how that works, although i just got another plane ticket for the month 
of march.. oo la la..

so stay tuned with WeeNo Photography, and where the world will take me.


Best Ella Dresse said...

oh i love how we both just posted almost at the same time. we did it! finally! yeah! and i just write something so that you can be happy that there is a comment and to show you: there ARE people reading your blog! you're awesome.

kirsten said...

ashleeeeey!!! happy new year! hope you had a great party!?!?!?
hey no pressure, you are a great designer... and even you produce crap you can still find c.r.a.p. in it and explain why you did it ;) so anyways people will like it! and if you are not sure... you can send it to me and i will take a look at it ;)

miss you my dear friend... it is so quiet home... but i love being home!!!

take care, kirsten

ps: and with helvetica you can never make a mistake...hahahah

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