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I am now in the process of trying to upload the Sunday show yet again. I dont know if it will work. Its tuesday evening, and it already feels as though it was Thursday evening. We have been going non-stop since yesterday. Its been a quite emotional week as well.

Lets start with the weekend.
So its almost Christmas, okay not really, but its getting to be that time, and that thought. Its now December, and time to think about Christmas. There is snow, so that immediately makes me think winter and christmas. I think its because I never grew up around snow, and when I see snow it reminds me of the the movies with christmas as the main point. Okay, tangent. Anyways, so this weekend. Friday. We had a bon fire, 3 kilometers away, but it was amazing! we had a bonfire in the snow, and we roasted norwegian buns on sticks, and it was so good!! Saturday, we slept, then proceeded to have a dance party. There was a disco ball involved, and lots of amazing music, and dance moves. I danced it up! Then onto Motro. I have no idea how to spell it, my french is not good in having to spell it. maybe speaking.. okay. anyways, so that was good. and sunday night we had the columbian dinner. it was a very nice dinner!!

Monday. Monday, was a day off, but then, it turned into SO LONG. A student of ours, found out his mother died. He is from Nigeria, and so home is quite far away. He found out maybe 5 weeks ago that his father died in a car accident. It was very hard to take, considering he lost both parents in a one month span. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have that. We all sat with him in his room, and at that moment I had to decide to think that God is good. God is good, and God will always be good. But its so hard to think of that when something like this happens to one person. He is doing okay now, considering, and will be returning to Nigeria on Thursday. We will miss him dearly, and I wish that he didn't have to feel any of this pain. He will not come back, considering there is only 2 1/2 (by then 2 weeks) left. So if you pray, thank God for being good regardless of what happens in our lives. Things like this really show you your priorities. 

So its Tuesday, we worked all day, and are all a bit drained from everything that has happened this week. 2 more weeks to go, and we are all happy for that!


Rachel Lane said...

that was probably my fav Sunday show.. due to the dancing i believe. and the fact that Viola rocks at keeping a straight face.

drisco, get it together. you're supposed to be professional!

Zhuliker said...

That's right! Bringing sexy back...

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