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sunday..monday.. i dont know..

Pin It so its. sunday night. or monday morning.
2.28 am.
i should be in bed. 
but i'm not
im working.
im exporting a movie, thats why i have reason to write on here.

so its been awhile.
last week, we did our last project.
i did, and still in the process of doing a website for
the sdc and sd portfolio.
its cool, i like it.
its alot of work,
and we realized on friday 
that it was far to big, and there was a hug communication between
me and the school leader, so 
we had almost the whole thing
to do this weekend.. oops.
its okay. i'm over stressing out.
so, yeah, once im done with this i'm done with sdc projects!
I'm excited about that.
we have our exhibition on wednesday! thats insane.
then we clean and pack, and leave on saturday!
i can't believe how fast the last 6 weeks has gone.
its insane.

other then project.
i was DEATHLY sick on Wednesday.
it was hell. 
i was throwing up left and right,
and was delirious. 
i was out the whole day,
and felt horrible the next couple of days.
but i got over it, and its all done now.
besides that!
I had a vistor!
Karin from Germany.
She and I did the school of photography together, 
and it was BRILLIANT to see her.
I love her smile, and laugh, and hair!
so good to see her.
it reminded me of my sop, 
and how good it was, and
how i'm so thankful for all the people that
i took it with.
so thank you karin for the visit!

THEN! On saturday!
I had another sop reunion.
only this reunion was with the sop that i staffed.
it was with cliff, and johnny.
they both live here, so it was AS exciting to see them
Saturday when i woke up, because i live with them, but
it was exciting when we jumped in the car and headed for France!
that was briliant!
I HAD such a good time.
we made a trip to Lyon France to take some photos..
or "make" some photos, like Johnny would say.
and had some coffee, some hot wine, some food, and some 
amazing company, and good laughs! 
I love France.
so thats what the week looked like for me.
for the most part really good.

Viola, and I will do our Sunday show tomorrow, 
and it might have some special guests! 
but i'll enjoy everyones company for the last days,
and enjoy the beauty of switzerland.
have a good week!
and listen to some good christmas music,
and watch some good christmas movies.
get in the christmas spirit. we have!! 


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