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Happy 2nd Birthday

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Birthday Parties. 
Who doesn't love 'em?
I do, especially Dutch birthday parties for
2 year olds, with amazing cakes.

So Johnny, Karine, Maria Elizabeth, and the newby 
Anna Sophia had a birthday party. Today is the official
day of the birth of Maria Elizabeth, but we celebrated last night.
It was blast, and it reminded me so much of Hawaii, when I staffed.
Johnny took the school of photography just in January, so that 
made it extra awesome. Its almost like a reunion of the school I staffed.
Two students are here, who are now my staff. Cliff and Johnny.
So to you SOP'ers who did the SOP 2008 this is dedicated to you!
We missed you yesterday


Anonymous said...

can i please steal that kid?! so awesome!!

kirsten said...

awesome pics...!!!!

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