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flights. storms. and more flights.

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So its late friday night. 1.07 viola and i are up burning discs and doing packing stuff, and getting ready to leave. I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow.. 6.30 am! Am I looking forward to getting up in 4 hours? no. but maybe I'll sleep on the flights.

lets explain.
geneva to london
london to philly
philly to chicago
chicago to milwaukee.

thats alot in one day. all in all i'll be up and traveling for almost 23 hours..
and.. to top it off, there are storm warnings for the midwest.. every stop i have in the states has a storm warning.
so i'm chancing the fact that my flight from london still goes to philly.
if not.. maybe i'll get to see a bit of london.
we'll see!

so, this if your reading this on the 20th of decemeber, think of me.
i'm probably in an airport, or airplane.. in transit of some kind.
pray that i get my flights, and the next blog will be from a whole different
continent.. North America.


i'm done..


kirsten said...

and i think of you... and hope you are doing fine??? without sitting at an airport for hours???

it is so quiet here...!!! i miss all of you and i am still sad that i couldnt hug you for the last time....:(

love ya,

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